10 Principles of Social Media

At the beginning of November, I posted on my blog 64 principles of Social Media I had collected from around the web. 64 seemed somewhat unwieldy. So I spent a month pondering what my 10 principles of social media would be.

So I present the 10 to you, each in its own post. Social Computing Magazine will publish these over the next few weeks.

My social media principles are attempting to boil down the core lessons that social media has taught us. These can then be applied in a technology neutral way to the rest of our lives and in business.

These principles help us communicate and relate better. With these principles we can establish networks and understand our place in them. These principles give coherence to the creation and exchange of value. All of these help us build better communities and working relationships.

However, these are principles. As human beings, managers, and friends we need to interpret and apply them.

Modus Cooperandi 10 Social Media Principles

The 10 Core Principles of Social Media:

  1. Associations are inherently good – Knowing more people expands opportunity and conversation.
  2. Information wants to be free – Free society runs on free information. Information hoarding is the enemy of discourse and growth.
  3. Economies have currencies – All economies trade on specialized currencies.
  4. Decentralization is freedom – Decentralized power structures spur creativity, growth, and innovation.
  5. Rules beget rules – The more rules you have, the more rules you make.
  6. Karma is real – You give more, you get more.
  7. Context is Fluid – How you view an object today will be different tomorrow. Don’t destroy tomorrow’s value.
  8. Immediacy in all things – Strike while the iron is hot. Eat when the food is fresh.
  9. Communication is blood – Communication is the river upon which information flows.
  10. Findability is power – Unfindable information or people are irrelevant.

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